Money Horoscope 2022: Investment tips for various zodiac signs

Money Horoscope 2022: Investment tips for various zodiac signs

In Vedic astrology, the financial position in a person’s life is analysed through different ways. Moon and Jupiter are the main significators of wealth in any horoscope. Venus bestows luxuries and comforts in life. Mercury is the planet for success in business and overall financial prosperity. Similarly, while judging financial success in any chart, the second house indicates accumulated wealth or savings, while the eleventh house is the primary house of financial gains. When they make connections with trine houses, then they bestow massive wealth in our life. In 2022, Jupiter, the planet for wealth and prosperity, will transit from Aquarius to its own sign, Pisces, on April 13. It will become retrograde on July 29 and will again become progressive on November 24. Let us see how various zodiac signs will benefit financially from this transit in the new year.

Libra: There could be some unwanted expenses this year. You are advised to be cautious of your financial spending especially around March. Around July, you can plan to construct your house or make a purchase of land as you will be able to strike a profitable deal. In business, avoid any significant investment.

Scorpio: Your wealth flow will be smooth this year and earnings will enhance. However, you may find it difficult to save money. Expenses on health and family are indicated. Look to clear pending debts. Avoid any big investment during the first half of the year. Between April to July, you can consider prudent investments in stocks and shares.

Sagittarius: A promotion and salary hike is on the cards around March or April. Your financial standing will improve and gains from foreign sources are indicated. Investment in gold and metals are good long-term investment options. You will have gains through ancestral property. Try to save money and stay away from impulsive financial decisions.

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Capricorn: You will stay financially secure this year. Your earnings will increase and financial gains are expected around February or March. Still, it is advisable to plan your budget and prioritise your spendings this year. There can be unexpected expenses in the beginning of the year. Give more importance to investing rather than spending.

Aquarius: A new dawn is expected this year as you will be able to curtail your expenditure significantly. You will have a stable income to support your financial needs. Look at long-term avenues for investment. It is not advisable to invest in real estate or financial markets as it may not provide adequate returns. Stay grounded and practical.

Pisces: You need to have a balanced approach in all your financial plans. Investments made previously will start yielding profit this year. Financial gains will accrue through business partnerships. In March and April, you can consider a long-term investment in land or property. Your tax liability is likely to increase this year. Don’t take short-cuts.


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