How to be happier: Lilly Singh and ‘Think Like a Monk’ author Jay Shetty decode how to stop emotions from ruling you

Looking for deep questions and deep answers or food for the soul this weekend? Well, we got you covered courtesy Indo-Canadian YouTuber and talk show host, Lilly Singh’s latest interactive video with ‘Think Like a Monk’ author Jay Shetty. Jay is a purpose coach and a British best-selling author who was a former monk.

Taking to her Instagram handle, Lilly gave netizens a much-needed life lesson as she made Jay decode a monk’s brain to spill the beans on “how to be happier”. The video begins with Jay establishing, “Monks have the happiest brains on the planet.”

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To Lilly’s question on the major pillars of thinking like a monk, Jay elaborated on monks always trying to go to the root of the issue, think through the lens of gratitude and spending time investing in themselves. Lilly next asked him about how does one think like a monk in this time and situation in 2020 and Jay traced back to his original answer of understanding one’s fear ladder.

For Jay, his fear ladder in 2020 was something bad happening to his parents and prodding the root cause of his fear, he understood that his real fear stemmed from the fact that he was not showing them enough love. This deep talk, Lilly said, came as a slap across her face.

Jay next shone light on unintentional living in the age of social media and home quarantine in these months of lockdown, about how to stop your emotions from taking over you and ruling you. Lilly gave her review of Jay’s book ‘Think Like a Monk’ and posed her queries from it like what he meant by a “healthy ego”.

Check out the life changing conversation between Lilly and Jay here:



Jay Shetty’s ‘Think Like a Monk’ pens practical steps for everyone to take every day in order to live a less anxious and more meaningful life as it records the timeless wisdom he learned as a practising monk.

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